Dr. Fang of Luntek got the honor of " the best entrepreneurial of Hangzhou"
Column:Company News Time:2017-03-02

          In 2013 December, Hangzhou City Hall in recognition of the 20 "Hangzhou outstanding innovative talents", our CTO Dr. Fang award.
"Hangzhou outstanding innovative talents" award organized by the City Hall development, aims to comprehensively promote the Hangzhou city human resources strategy to develop in depth, give full play to the guiding and leading role of high level talents in the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs to join the ranks of encouraging more talents. Selection of key objects with independent intellectual property rights, innovation technology, invented in Hangzhou city in the creation or the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, develop famous brand product has a wide influence, create significant social and economic benefits, can lead or promote innovative and entrepreneurial talent into a trade or industry better and faster the development of the province.

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