Everyday Genius - to create infinite possibility
Column:Industry news Time:2017-01-11

     On April 23, today, mediatek held \"Everyday Genius - to create infinite possibility\" brand new conference. Conference, mediatek to show for the first time the Aster for wearable equipment product solutions.
Aster is scheduled on 5 x5mm chip integrated micro controller, low power consumption, bluetooth, control panel, cameras, flash drives, DRAM (dynamic random access memory), and the sensor input and output interface.
     According to insiders revealed that the integrated chip code 5 x5mm 25 02, is designed for wearable chip of product design, production testing will be manufactured by a shenzhen earliest smartphones watch manufacturers for OEM. Wearable scheme, revealed that the chip will be in June to realize mass production, with bluetooth and GPS low power consumption advantages with low consumption.
    Mediatek general manager xie qingjiang said, mediatek is through the new brand, directly to consumers, for the product endorsement partners. Before this, mediatek has focused on the B2B market, rather than directly to the final consumer. Why put forward new brand? Xie qingjiang, said mediatek's most important companies culture is customer oriented, and customers want to take advantage of mediatek to strengthen its own brand pricing power.
    The release of the new brand will let the consumer know that means using mediatek products, innovative technology can quickly spread value. In addition, there will be integration mediatek machine using the function of software architecture. Mediatek think this will make it immediately with a rich selection of software development personnel and the manufacturer.

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