Development history

       2010.05 : Established in Hangzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

       2010.12 : commissioned technology development agreement signed with the German company Osram

       2011.03 : The company first products LK-1024EVD, LK-1024A have been successfully developed, verified by the customer

       2011.08 : The company passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification


       2011.11 : LK-1024A success of the company's products were included in the procurement list Foshan Lighting

       2012.03 : Communication Engineering Company and Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology set up a joint laboratory

       2012.07 : The first generation wireless charging system successfully developed and used to locate the position of Yulin coal miners Card

       2012.12:1200 W wireless energy transmission system developed successfully obtained a military enterprise technical indicators confirm

       2013.09 : High-tech Zone company settled a sea base to begin a new era technological innovation and entrepreneurship


       2013.09 : LK-3011 products successfully developed through customer verification Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing OURS

       2013.11 : Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement between schools and enterprises to jointly set up a " Western Electric · Lucent " innovative technology incubation center , and in the " Lucent Technologies " to establish research stations

       The company's main business revenue increased steadily since 2010, was founded in 2012, the main business income of over ten million yuan, is expected in 2013 there was a substantial growth.

       Recalling the history of enterprise development , we insist solid progress step by step , self-development efforts , while creating a platform for the development of staff to fulfill corporate social responsibility. We also developed a new product planning and marketing strategies to promote , full of hope and confidence in achieving our bases across Haichuang.

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