Luntek integrated circuits

     IC(Integrated circuits)is not only the source of rapid development of today's information technology industry, but also the lifeline of the development of Luntek. Luntek and industry enterprises keep in good long-term mutual aid and win-win cooperation relations, such as high-quality wafer foundry SK Dongbu Hitek, Hynix, China CMSC; domestic packaging and testing leading industries, JCET, Fujitsu; IC industry tycoon, Dahua technology, Broadcom and so on. Luntek provides the best quality IC Turnkey service, with industry-level test workshop, independent research and development of intelligent hardware chip and circuit test platform in 2011 put into use, run well, and to the latest test standards to update. IC for the technical support, the company has a number of integrated circuit layout design intellectual property rights, software copyright, invention and utility model patents, reflects the company's strong technical force.

Luntek education

     Relying on its own electronic information technology strength, Luntek technology is committed to creating "China's first micro-electronic education brand", as well as strengthening cooperation between enterprises and colleges, thus, on the one hand to provide a perfect solution for the school personnel training from the perspective of corporate talent needs, on the other hand, to carry out technical development cooperation, absorbing cutting-edge science and technology, to promote the development of Luntek in the electronic information industry. Luntek establishes a deep level of cooperation with Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Shenzhen University and so on, and maintains close contact with the industry trade associations and professional teaching to grasp the latest developments in the industry, enhance the Luntek science and technology education brand domestic and international influence force.

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